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Couples Seminar 2014

Title : “I’m fond(ue) of you”
Topic : Communication and Romance

The objectives of this seminar are as follows:

  • To help couples see what hurts communication
  • To help couples know basic part of pursuing understanding in their relationship
  • To help couple know when to call for “time-out”
  • To help the couples know how to express themselves using “I” statements and appropriate Assertiveness
  • Have the couples do the couple’s exercise “Creating a Wish List”
  • To help couples rediscover the need to spend time together
  • To encourage couples to identify what they enjoyed about their spouses when they first fell in love
  • To challenge couples to spend time reminiscing and sharing what they cherish then and now
Cost: $10 per couple
Register now below and payment can be settled at the Resource Centre, look for Marisol Maniano.