Love God. Love People. Serve Nations

Joy Talavera

Joy orchestrates and oversees our worship services across our 3 locations. Armed with volunteer Guest Services teams, Joy’s role is to ensure that each worship service creates an environment where people encounter God and experience community. Her role connects her with practically every ministry in ENCS, and works closely with volunteer teams, training, mentoring and raising up leaders. Joy is also a regular speaker, preaching during services, and teaching at ENLI, Victory Weekend, and Spiritual Growth Series.

Joy feels that her purpose is to be a worshipper, through musical expression as well as through her life and work. She finds joy in improving systems, training people, and investing in relationships, for the Kingdom of God. The bubbly, joyful Joy is from Laguna, Philippines. She came to Singapore and made it her home in 2005. She enjoys free time with her Apple TV, and cooking and baking for her wonderful housemates.